Bountiful Blessings Boutique "THE SOAP STUDIO"

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Bountiful Blessings Boutique is a small family owned and operated business.  We provide a unique line of natural handmade soap created in our 'SOAP STUDIO'.  We offer a full line of spa soap, specialty soap, and aroma therapy soap.  We also offer customized soap for those who need something a little different.  We welcome wholesale accounts and fundraisers and always looking for a great festival or event to showcase our line.

We have proudly served handmade soap lovers from Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Florida, Nova Scotia and many more lovely places around the world.  We welcome you to join the list of distinguished customers who love our soap.

If while browsing our site you don't see exactly what you need, give us a call (800) 519-0249 and we'll customize it for you.


Faith, Glenn, Barbara, Ruby & David 



Did you know that handmade soap offers ten times more benefits for your skin than commercially made soap?


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