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Specialty Soap

Our line of Specialty Soap offers natural handmade soap crafted with specific skin types in mind.  Our goat milk line is great for ezceama, psororisis and dry skin.  Our Sea Salt & Oatmeal Honey offer the perfect balance of moisture and exfoliation for combination skin, prone to acne.  Our Natural Bath Bar, Olive Oil & Shea & Cocoa Butter soaps fit the bill for normal skin types and for those who seek an all around moisturizing facial or all over body bar.
  • $ 6.00 Alkanet Root
    Alkanet Root
  • $ 6.00 Goat Milk Soap
    Goat Milk Soap
  • Sold Out Goat Milk Swirl
    Goat Milk Swirl
  • $ 6.00 Goatmilk Tea Tree
    Goatmilk Tea Tree
  • $ 6.00 God's Love
    God's Love
  • $ 6.00 Honey Oatmeal
    Honey Oatmeal
  • $ 6.00 Japanese Cherry Blossom (Goatmilk)
    Japanese Cherry Blossom (Goatmilk)
  • $ 6.00 Natural Bath Bar
    Natural Bath Bar
  • Sold Out Olive Oil Soap
    Olive Oil Soap
  • $ 6.00 Patchouli Butter Bar
    Patchouli Butter Bar
  • $ 6.00 Shea Butter
    Shea Butter


Did you know that handmade soap offers ten times more benefits for your skin than commercially made soap?


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